General Durable Power of Attorney

This document authorizes a third party, your “Agent”, to make legal and financial decisions for you, and conduct your personal and business affairs. The third party is referred to as your “Agent”. If your Agent is for any reason unable to act, then an alternate Agent of your choosing may act on your behalf and for your benefit. This document avoids the need to petition the Probate Court to have a person named as the Conservator of your assets to allow someone to act on your behalf.

Health Care Power of Attorney

This document authorizes a third party “Agent”, to make health care decisions on your behalf during periods when you are unable to do so yourself.  If your Agent is unable to act, then an alternate that you have selected will act as your Agent. This document may also contain directions on how you wish your health care to proceed in the event that you are terminally ill or injured, and artificial means of support would only serve to delay your death.  This document avoids the need to petition the Probate Court to have a person named as your Guardian before the hospital will follow their instructions regarding your care.

Revocable Living Trust

This document controls the management of your assets and directs that they be managed for your benefit during your lifetime, regardless of whether you are able and acting as “Trustee”, or whether you are disabled, and the person you have chosen as successor Trustee is managing the trust assets.  Like a Will, the Trust directs how the Trustee is to distribute your assets upon your death.  If all of your assets are transferred into the Trust during your lifetime, your assets will not need to be probated upon your death.  Trusts are always a valuable tool for avoiding probate administration, and can also be used to reduce or eliminate Federal and State estate taxes.


Last Will and Testament

A Will is a written document whereby a third party, the “Executor” or “Personal Representative” is instructed on how to distribute your assets after your death.  Any asset passing through the Will must, by law, be probated. If you have minor children, this document is also used to designate who you wish to act as Guardian of the minor children.

Jean Michalak-Weiss Attorney At Law

Jean Michalak-Weiss earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan and went on to attend Michigan State University graduation cum laude in January of 1998.  Jean has practiced in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration since her admission to the State Bar of Michigan in July of 1998.